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  • Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan




    All life comprises and is set in motion by two vital energies. The yin - the passive. The yang - the active.
    T’ai chi chuan is the balancing of these two energies.
    Tai chi stands for Supreme Ultimate, God, Truth. It represents the spiritual.
    Chuan means ‘Fist’. It denotes the total physical.

    T’ai chi chuan, in a way is the body and mind in harmony.
    The main purpose of T’ai chi chuan is to develop inner awareness.

    That is why its movements are controlled from within the body. The movements are light, natural and relaxing. A relaxed, calmed body leads to a still mind and clear thinking. And the controlled slowness instills awareness at every moment.

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    T'ai Chi Chuan. For the mind and the body. For the young and the old.

    T’ai chi trains both, the mind and the body. Gently coaxing the body to regain its co-ordination, balance and control.

    Closely linked to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, T’ai chi balances the flows of mental (emotional ) and physical energies within our body. Keeping it fit and healthy. That is the reason the movements are performed slowly and deliberately, with a gentleness. Why it is an ideal form of exercise for people of any age. And an excellent form of relaxation. Though T’ai chi seems extremely simple and gentle it creates an internal strength, so that it can also be used in self defense.

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    T’ai chi. In stillness lies strength.

    All movements in T’ai chi chuan originate in and are generated from stillness. They are performed slowly, lightly, and with all the parts of the body in absolute harmony. The slowness in every movement builds good physical control and teaches patience.
    There is a story and a meaning to the movements in T’ai chi. And they all stem from the natural elements.

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    The circular movement.

    The Tai Chi symbol is a circle. And all its movements are based on this circle.

    Movements that flow, in the form of arcs. Movements that gently roll and wave and glide. Movements that are far more powerful than those executed in straight lines.

    Look at the wind. A straight steady wind, no matter how strong, doesn’t do much damage. But a tornado, with its circulating force leaves destruction in its path.

    Besides, repeated circular motion expends little energy , physically and mentally as compared to the force needed to carry out a linear motion.

    Circular rippling motion also allows you to experience an inner unity, a centering of your energy, and the strengthening of your interior life energy force. (instead of letting it disperse wastefully in every directions.

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    "The feet are the roots,

    What this really means is that the lower half of the body stays solid, ensuring stability, while the upper half should be light and nimble.

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    One of the basic lessons of Tai Chi is the attainment of perfect posture or alignment.

    Correcting imbalances within the body lets it become free, more fluid.

    Performed regularly, and correctly, Tai chi creates muscle balance throughout the body. Making the body not just stable, but light and supple.

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    T’ai chi chuan. A legacy of a thousand years of wisdom.

    A 1000 year old science to make you new.

    The main principles of T’ai chi are based on the I ching, or ‘Book of Changes’. T’ai chi also draws inspiration from the great oriental philosophy of Taoism, mainly from the classical work known as the Tao Te ching., written by the philosopher Lao Tze.

    The founding of T’ai chi chuan is generally credited to a Taoist monk and legendary master, Chang San-fen, who lived sometime between the 12th and 14th centuries. He is said to have founded a monastery on the mountain of Wu-Tang, where he combined the best techniques from the various martial arts schools with Taoist breathing techniques and the principles of the I Ching.

    Thereby creating a powerful technique.

    Every moment of the day, Tai Chi instills an awareness of self. Building a quiet calm strength that radiates from within the body.

    Tai chi also

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    T’ai chi can work miracles. But even making miracles takes practice.

    The basic course in Tai Chi takes about 10 months. Wherein you learn and practice the basic rudiments. With enough commitment it takes just 2 years to excel.

    Unlike other forms of exercise, when you stop practicing T’ai chi you don’t stop reaping its benefits. T’ai chi practiced today will make a difference even 20 years down the line.

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    Classes are held at :

    Pure Energy Biokinetics, Walkeshwar, Mumbai.
    8:00 am to 9:00 am Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Phone : 091 - 22 - 3692156.
    Goklibai High School, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai.
    7:30pm to 8:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Talwarkars, Soni House, Gulmohar Cross Road No. 1 JVPD Scheme, Mumbai.
    8:00am to 9:00am Wednesdays and Fridays.
    Phone : 091- 22 - 6253089
    Sensei Desai Contact No :
    Phone : 091 - 22 - 8365555

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